What is Uber?

  • Uber was founded in 2009 and is one of the fastest growing companies ever.
  • Leader of the ridesharing industry and largest sharing economy member company.
  • Allows vehicle owners to generate extra income with a flexible work schedule.
  • Uber pre-screens both the participating drivers and passengers and establishes the fare cost up front, ensuring a safe and affordable ride.
  • Payment is handled through the mobile app via credit card, resulting in a safe and hassle-free payment.

Ridesharing involves driving your personal vehicle while providing rides to paying passengers. Drivers are connected with passengers via the mobile marketplace.

Why is Intact insuring Uber?

Intact’s core business is focused on consumer protection and meeting the insurance needs of Canadians. We recognized a need  for new insurance solutions to be made specifically for the ridesharing industry that will protect all drivers and passengers who use these services.


In the development of the product structure, Intact referred to the following guiding principles:


•   Must be simple for drivers and passengers to understand

•   Must be simple for drivers to obtain coverage

•   Must be simple for the industry to implement